Ryan Parker, LCSW

 Adult, Child, & Family Psychotherapy

Adult Psychoanalysis

Professional Training & Consultation


Adult Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma and PTSD-related issues


  • Complex experiences related to culture, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, immigration, etc.

  • Life transitions (moves, job changes, significant relationships)


Child Play Therapy & Child-Parent Psychotherapy

  • Anxiety (including Separation Anxiety and School Phobia)

  • Depression

  • Behavioral Problems (tantrums, impulsivity, school problems)

  • Aggressive verbal and physical outbursts

  • Enuresis and Encopresis

  • Gender Differences

  • Attachment-related issues and Trauma (parental separation and loss, adoption, developmental or medical issues)

  • Medical Conditions or Trauma that has impacted social-emotional development

  • Divorce and Family Separations